John Niedermeyer digital product design & direction

A New York-based designer with over 15 years expertise designing a diverse portfolio of products & content, building systems, and championing teams to do their best work.

Currently leading Design at Resy. Previously, Product Design Manager at BuzzFeed and Designer/Editor at The New York Times.


Design Lead

February 2017 - Current

Currently leading all aspects of design at Resy, from our Products to our Brand:

  • Recruiting and Hiring the design team from scratch.
  • Led the redesign of consumer website — bringing together content, discovery and booking in one place.

    Introducing the new at the 1st Annual Resy Product Summit, April 2018.
  • Managed a team of product designers focused on Resy’s core B2B SaaS (iOS and Web) and B2C (Apps and Web) products.
  • Evolved the brand and how it’s expressed in our products, events and marketing, and set a new visual direction.

Wayward Wild

Head of Design

December 2016 - Current

Recently led design for this pre-investment startup, partnering with small media brands to grow audiences through strategic consulting, branding, technology and design.

Unfortunately, investment fell through and the company shuttered in February 2017.


Product Design Manager

April 2015 - September 2016

Managed a team of product designers focused on Ad Tech (distribution, reporting, workflow tools) and Data Learning (dashboards, metrics) for editorial and business — providing guidance, setting goals and encouraging accountability.

  • Collaborated closely with peers in Product and Engineering to establish high-level objectives for the teams and how to measure their success — balancing speed, quality and consistency of design.
  • Led a re-write of Product Designer Roles document, resulting in a clear, actionable and scalable framework for bar-setting. Also, contributed to Design Leadership Principles, now used throughout the Tech organization.
  • Previously, managed a team of product designers focused on Editorial Tools & Site Experience, including the BuzzFeed CMS, experimental formats and website.

The New York Times

Deputy Editor, Digital News Design

Jan. 2014 - April 2015

Co-led a team of 9 digital designers in the newsroom to conceive, design and code visually-rich story presentations, interactive features and special packages for planned news events like the Olympics, Elections and the World Cup, across all platforms.

  • Directed the digital expression of enterprise stories from the planning stages through to publish, collaborating closely with designers and technologists on my team, reporters and their editors, as well as photo, video and graphic journalists.
  • Recruited designers, technologists and producers, both for my team and for product teams outside the newsroom.
  • Introduced team workflows with Trello, Slack and Google Docs, to capture incoming requests, assign and manage work, and ensure transparency and accountability across the team.

Previous Roles

Design Lead,
 Digital News Design

Mar. 2012 - Jan. 2014

Product Designer, Digital Design

Nov. 2007 - Mar. 2012